Mounting Bracket

Mounting Bracket


In order to mount the Atlas to your boat, you will need to install the included Atlas Mount. The mount can be attached directly to a mast track, bulkhead, or any flat surface using the two provided M4-14 screws or by running the included velcro straps through the holes in the side. The mount can be installed in either orientation, with the release tab facing up or down. Be sure that the release tab will be accessible with the Atlas installed β€” pulling this tab is the only way to remove the Atlas from the mount.

To attach the Atlas to the mount, first hook the solid end of the mount into one of the slots on the back of the Atlas, then push the Atlas towards the quick-release end of the mount until it clicks securely into place. If you don’t hear a click, double check the alignment and try again. To remove the Atlas, press the Atlas gently towards the mount, pull on the quick-release tab, tilt the Atlas away from the mount to remove it.

For maximum mounting security, tie a safety line to the lanyard loop on the bottom right corner of the Atlas. In order to use the magnetic compass, heel, and trim, the Atlas must be mounted to a fixed location on the boat (i.e. not on a boom or rotating mast). Offset angle settings for heel, trim and heading to account for different mount orientations can be set in the Connect App.

A section of mast brackets designed for the Atlas 2 are available in our store.

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