The Atlas 2 supports wireless wind, speed-through-water and depth sensors, and load cell sensors - with more sensor support in development. The Atlas 2 can currently connect to a total of 3 sensors at a time.

These sensors are available from Vakaros:

Pairing a Sensor with your Atlas 2

To pair a new sensor with your Atlas 2 you’ll need your Atlas, a phone running Vakaros Connect, and the sensor itself. The sensor needs to be charged, powered on, and nearby. Some sensors require an external power source, see next section for additional information.

  1. In Vakaros Connect on the Boats tab, select the Boat profile you would like to add a sensor to. Make sure you already have an Atlas device connected in this Boat profile and that it is powered on and nearby. Then select Add Device.
  2. Choose the 3rd-Party Sensor option and then the sensor model from the list.
  3. Wait for the Atlas to search for nearby sensors of that type.
  4. Select your sensor from the list of found devices. If your sensor is not found, make sure it is powered on if using an external power source, or fully charged if it is rechargeable.
  5. After adding the sensor, be sure to edit the Display Layout for the Atlas to add widgets that show sensor information.
  6. Make sure if you have also connected the sensor to its corresponding app that you force close the app. The sensor is only able to connect to one app at a time.

Powering an External Sensor

The supported Airmar transducers require an external 12 V power source which can be connected to the transducer cable using an adapter plug (not included), or by cutting the cable to expose the red (+12 V) and black (Ground) wires. If your boat does not have an onboard 12 V system, a small 12 V battery can be used and charged periodically. For smaller boats, 12 V power tool batteries are a popular choice.